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House Cleansing Ritual

All areas where people live or work will "collect" energies - both positive and negative. Every person who visits or uses the space will leave their own imprint of their energy. Thoroughly cleansing and purifying the area will remove these energies and create a more harmonious space.

This ritual is especially useful when moving house - to remove all your energies from your old living space and also to cleanse your new living space in order to prevent living amongst the old occupant's emotional baggage.

Take a bunch of dried cleansing herbs, eg. sage, and light them holding them over a smudging bowl or other suitable vessel. Next smudge the entire house. Fill the rooms with Sage smoke and open all the windows and doors to allow the wind to blow away and negative vibrations.

When the smoke has completely cleared, close all the windows and doors. Light a protection incense and fill a bowl with salt water. Go through each room and at every window, door, phone point, outlet, ventilation grill, every exit to the outside, draw an invoking pentagram using your finger dipped in the salt water. Draw the pentagram on the window, door or other exit and say:

With the powers of Water and Earth,
I consecrate and protect this space.

Wave the protection incense over the opening and say:

With the powers of Fire and Air,
I consecrate and protect this space.

Repeat this throughout the house until all the rooms have been cleansed and protected in this way.



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