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Circle Casting

Collect together everything you need before starting - you will not be able to leave the space once it has been set up without destroying it.

Make a borderline around the place where you will work. This should enclose an area large enough to contain yourself and all the things you need.

To empower the borderline, walk around it three times deosil. As you walk, visualize a line of blue light following you and laying upon the boundary line. Once this three-fold circle is finished, stay within the boundary. If desired, empower the four elements/directions with appropriate amulets.

The boundary (and elements) are now in place, creating the sacred space. Now purify this space with seawater or water with salt added. Charge the water with protective energy by visualizing a stream of bright blue-white light entering the water from your hand. As you visualize the empowerment, chant a spell such as:

Into this water
I direct my might and main,
That it will be pure and clean
In the service of the elements.

When you cannot get seawater, then mineral water with seasalt added can be used. Add the seasalt with the spell:

Here is salt, salt is life,
To clean this place free from strife.

Never use mains water as it has been chemically treated, making it useless magickally. Sprinkle the salt-water sun-wise around the boundary, then is a spiral towards the centre of the enclosure.

The place is now ready for use, set aside magickally from the rest of the world.

At the end of the working, it is important to close down the sacred space with a spell such as:

Now the work is finished,
In the name of the elements
(or another appropriate deity or power).

Let the visualization of sacred space gradually fade until completely gone.



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