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A handfasting is a very old form of wedding which takes its name from the joining of a couple's hands. More information about handfasting can be found here at the Liferites website.

A modern Handfasting for all time

Light a candle.

We come here today
on (insert date, sabbat name, etc. or simply say "this day")
to carry out our handfasting for all time.
We ask that the powers witness and bless this event.
As this knot is tied, may our souls be joined, never to be parted.

Wrap a length of cord, twine, ivy, etc. around one of each of your hands to join them together. Tie a knot.

(Name), I love you with the whole of my heart, my body, my soul.
I make this promise to you:
I will love you and remain faithful to you
Through bad times and good
For the whole of time.
I will share your worries and burdens,
Your laughter and dreams.
I will love and care for your children as if they were my own*
I ask today that our souls may stand together,
United for all eternity.

*If there are children from previous relationships you may wish to include a promise such as this

The other person repeats the vows and then say together or alternately:

Powers of the Earth,
You who are beneath our feet, solid and strong.
We ask that you give us your gifts of stability, strength and fertility.

Powers of Air,
You who are the winds surrounding us and the sky above us.
We ask that you give us your gifts of wisdom and understanding.

Powers of Fire,
You who burns bright and hot as the Sun.
We ask that you give us your gifts of love, passion and creativity.

Powers of Water,
You who flows in the rivers, the tides of the sea.
We ask that you give us your gifts of intuition and inspiration.

We ask that our souls be bound together for all eternity, united and strong.
As our hands are freed may we remember, always, the promises we have made.
May we be protected from harm and always remain true to our words.

Untie your hands, or simply slip the cord, etc. off without untying.

We thank the Powers for witnessing this event. The rite is now ended. We are handfasted for all time.

Let the candle burn down without being blown out.

A tie-cutting spell after a relationship or marriage

**Please note** that this spell is not intended to magickally bring about the ending of a current marriage - it is intended to be a positive tie-cutting ritual to enable both parties to willingly move into the future separately when the relationship is fully over.

Ties between two people ending their marriage can remain long after the relationship is over. These ties can prove to be destructive as one person can try to hold power over the other, or find it impossible to move on with their lives.

A simple tie-cutting spell can help with this. This ritual can also be adapted for ending an unmarried relationship. It is best conducted on a waning or Dark Moon.

Gather the following herbs, fresh if possible although dried will do: rosemary, sage, thyme, lavender, St. John's Wort, angelica and tansy. Arrange these herbs in a small posy, wrap black thread or wool around the stems widdershins (anti-clockwise) and tie to secure.

It is helpful to have an item strongly associated with the marriage or relationship - a photograph, a letter, a memento of some kind.

Light a fire and wait until it is burning well. Also light two black candles - one to represent each person. Place these on either side of the fire.

Place the item associated with the relationship into the fire with the posy of herbs. Say the following words:

This is a rite for the ending of the marriage between (Name) and (Name).
As the candles burn, let the ties between us die.
As this (insert name of the item associated with the relationship) burns, let the bonds between us be broken.
As the herbs burn, let the power we hold over each other be destroyed.
Let us be individual people again,
Living separate lives,
Each not hurting the other.
Let no emotional tie of the marriage remain.
This is my will.

Leave the candles to burn out. Also ensure there are no remnants left in the fire the next day. Anything that is left may be burnt again or buried far away from your house.

This ritual is now complete.



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