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Tree properties - Rowan

Botanical name: Pyrus aucuparia

Other names:
Mountain Ash, Lady of the Mountains, Druid's Tree, Witchwand

Name origins: Rowan may draw its name from the old Norse word "runa" meaning "charm". Alternatively it may derive from a root word "ruidh" meaning "red" because of the berries.

Folklore: The Rowan is associated with protection and its berries are marked at the base with a pentagram - the universal sign of protection. It also has a history of being used in divination - the Welsh used to brew a visionary drink from the rowan but, sadly, the recipe is now lost.

Magickal uses: Rowan is a highly protective wood making it very powerful for use when casting, or within, a circle. It can be used for invoking spirits, familiars, spirit guides and elementals. It can also be used to banish undesirable entities.



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