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Tree properties - Oak

Botanical name: Quercus robur

Name origins: The Druids have long held Oak to be a sacred tree and the Oak's ogham name of "Duir" links it not only with the word for door but also with the root of the word "Druid", in other words a Druid was a person of Oak knowledge.

Folklore: The Oak is a tree which is perhaps more honoured than any other. It is one of the trees which was once considered to be the father of mankind and the Romans believed that men sprang from the Oak.

The King of the forest, the roots of the Oak are said to extend as far underground as its branches do above making it a symbol of the law "as above, so below".

Magickal uses: Magickally, the Oak represents strength and protection. It teaches persistence and endurance. Known as the King of the Forest, the mighty Oak is traditionally associated with strength and courage. It grows to a huge size and great girth and is a very long-lived tree spanning centuries.

Offering its gifts of protection, strength and courage, Oak makes wonderful magickal tools to last a lifetime or even a special heirloom to be passed down for generations.



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