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All wooden items created by
Spirit of Old are crafted using

Wildwood Knives

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Ash wands

In Celtic mythology, the Ash was sacred to Gwydion as a tree of enchantment, from whose twigs he made his wands. It links the three circles of existence - past, present and future - continual birth and rebirth.

The spiral arrangement of the buds on the ash reminds us of the ancient cycle of death and rebirth. It shows us our connection to the wheel and the wood may be used at rites of passage. It symbolizes a key to the understanding of how all things are linked and connected. Our thoughts and actions form an endless chain of events in the outer material world as well as in the inner spiritual realms.

A Druidic Ash wand was found in Angelsey dating from the first century AD featuring a spiral decoration.

Postage and packing

Postage and packing costs for items on this page (unless otherwise stated) are:

Within UK only
Any wand length 5.00 (recorded delivery)

Non-UK - Wands under 50cm in length
EU countries or rest of the world
- 8.00 (plus one amount of 5.00 per package for insurance and tracking)

Non-UK - Wands over 50cm in length
EU countries - 10.00 airmail (plus plus one amount of 5.00 per package for insurance and tracking)

Rest of the world - 15.00 airmail (plus plus one amount of 5.00 per package for insurance and tracking)

We're happy to send several items in one package to reduce postage costs as much as possible. Please email if you'd like a quote for combined postage.

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"Spirit of Swallowhead" Burled Ash wand "Spirit of Swallowhead" Burled Ash wand
"Spirit of Swallowhead" Burled Ash wand
"Spirit of Swallowhead" Burled Ash wand

"Spirit of Swallowhead" Burled Ash wand

This unusual wand has been crafted from an Ash root which was immersed in the waters of the River Kennet at the site of Swallowhead Springs, a place with ancient fertility connections and close to the Avebury stone circle. The wood is burled and has a beautiful natural patterning throughout. It has been carved with a Sun and a Moon and also has the ogham symbol for Ash added.

Length: 28 inches/ 71 cm (approx. - can be shortened if preferred)

Item no: W369



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